I cant find where to check my mails from the website


Hi I built my site with Zyro website builder and i use to have access to a email box on zyro panel. It was the mail box of a email I created when I created the site. When you changed the sistem to 000webhost I could entry to Zyro website builder just to build my website, but I couldnt get to Zyro panel anymore, so i couldnt get to my website mail box anymore.
To solucionate I redirect the mails to my personal mail, but when i answer these mails it goes as my personal mail. How can I access to the mail box from my website to answer the mails from my website mail and not from my personal mail?


We only offer email forwarding, so the mail boxes aren’t available anymore.

So forward user@yoursite.com to person@email.com then setup with the provider i…e GoogleMail person@email.com to “reply as” user@yoursite.com

See Tutorials section on the forum.


Can I do it on yahoo mail?


Not really used Yahoo mail but I’m sure it might be possible, if you’ve an existing account go to options and see what is available to use.