I cant get 000webhostapp off my name domain


i park my domain following the instractions.

change servers redirection

when i use my domain it is still directing to the original domain i.e incloud "000webhostapp "


im using whois.com domain registration service.


my domain is



did misse somthing?


Log in to Wordpress admin panel,
then go to “Settings” – “General” and change “site” and “wordpress” and site url to your domain name.
And use “http” not “https”.

This will solve your issue :slight_smile:


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you




thanks for the answer, i tried it, it doesnt work :frowning:

now i cant acccess the domain at all du to “privacy vaiolation”

i assume it happaned because i follow the instractions and changed the ‘https’ to ‘http’.

BTW, i also looked in the tuturial, it doesn’t mention there (changing ‘https’ to ‘http’)

what do i need to do?


hi again,

i succed too get into the domain, but i assume that replacing the ‘https’ with ‘http’ will keep other web surfers to go into the domain.

so there anther way?



Hi @T.F!

Yes, adding HTTPS support to your website will solve the issue. Please follow this tutorial to do so:


g8 10x :smile: . i’ll follow the tutorial