I can't get to my Website I allready designed half way through

Hello everybody!

It is really weard an confusing but since thuseday evening i can not reach my website account anymore! I am shure that it must be out there somewere, but that does not help at all.

Do I have to create a knew one now?? That would be terrible because I allready did so much and I do not want to start with zero.


that should be the URL to my website account and by now it just looks like this:

But I can’t do anything, nothing is there and I just do not know whats going on.

Help me, please!


https://sopranrosaliewaechter.000webhostapp.com/wp-admin is where you login with the details you picked upon install of WordPress :slight_smile:

God thanks, now that works again, ok - but now there is still the proble, that all the content I allready wrote and designed is gone. Plus I had erverything in german and now it is as if I never did anything…

What could be the problem with that

Did you happen to run the WordPress installation again by any chance? Maybe in a bid to access the editor? The logs show a few installations overwritten each other so that is my guess.

yes, I did that, because I could not get into my account so I thought if I if I run the Wordpress Installations again I will get in. Afterwards I saw that you guys are doing something, so that it was not possible for me go get there. Then I waited until yesterday evening.
Ok so but when thats the problem how can I redo this? Or are you able to put things back as there where before?

If you’ve ran the installation again it normally wipes your previous, it you go to manage database and see how many databases are currently there it MAY be possible to go back it just depends

ok an “manage databases” I find on my wordpress account or here at my 000webhost account?


Do I have to click on one of these ? or am I totally wrong?

Yeah the first left icon

Ok and now, wha what to do now, how do I know which on is the right one ?

So I can do it much later today when on a computer


You can enter your file manager
Open public html folder
Edit wp-config.php file

Browse down until you find three long lines username database name and password.

Check the existing database name and username against those on your screenshot, now take the opposite ones, the username and database name which isn’t currently in the wp-config.php file and use these in place of what currently is.

Now for the password just take the existing one in the config file and use it to set the opposite database to this via manage and change password.

Now save and your WordPress should load the previous database with previous data hopefully.

Hopefully that made some sense.

“So I can do it much later today when on a computer” — that would be so awsome!!
thank you so much! :slight_smile:
I would try if I would have someone like a computer freek next to me, but sadly I don not. And as I know myself I would do something silly (as I already did by installing the Website again…) and everything would get worse. So, I am really thankfull for your suggestion of doing it later on.
Just can you tell me around what time so that I can plan things ahead ?
then I can prepare for some other things for now and go on with my website when you inform me.

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I should be able to do it in two hours ish apologies

Just starting this now, will update you soon.

Currently an FTP issue has brought my progress to a standstill.

The other database from what I can see has more content than the other one so hopefully it is the previous one you’ve created things within.

I’ll keep trying tonight to access file manager and hopefully swap over the configuration details.

Sorry I didn’t manage to get this done today :frowning:

FTP inaccessibility has been thwarting my plans.

Hi, I am sorry for not responding - but you see I was not able to work with my computer yesterday evening anyways. :slight_smile: but thank you so much for giving your best!

“The other database from what I can see has more content than the other one so hopefully it is the previous one you’ve created things within.” - So yes, it must be the one where I have more content because the other on I just installed again, but I did not do anything with it because I thought that there must be something wrong where I better ask you - thats also when I discoverd that you guys posted that we should wait the time of 2nd and 3nd septrembre out, cause you are doing some things on the free Hostingprogramm.

So hopefully you can restore my problem today! :slight_smile:

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ok did you manage to redo it again?

Unfortunately I have not the FTP access has not be restored by developers and uptime has fallen to 59.37% on that node.
I’ve opened a ticket already with developers but no reply from them.

sounds not amusing, well then I will do something different again… waiting for better times to come

and I am looking forward to hear some good news from you :slight_smile: