I can't Log-in in my 000webhost account


I can’t Log-in in my 000webhost account can you please give me an email account where to send my info in my account.

Thank you,


There is a website account matching the email of your forum account
Simply visit 000webhost.com and hit forgotten password and fill in the form with your email address


Yeah i did but it says this one (The user is linked with Google. Please use social login.) and I tried to log-in using the gmail account by click the G logo and it says this ( An unknown error occurred. Please try again.) and i tired the Forgot Password option and I reset it but still It did not work at all.


Gotcha’ now, should have mentioned that firstly.


So what log-in option will I use in this time?


You should have got a reset link to your email address, once you’ve again reset the password.
Login just using standard format email and password option when you visit 000webhost.com please.


Ill try it thank you very much for your quick and excellent support ,thumbs up!!


I Log-in Successfully thank you!!


Awesome! Any more issues get back in touch!
Happy site building :slight_smile:


Hi there, I have same problem here, my account is linked with Google and I can’t login with email or social login.


I’ll take a look at this now for you.


I’ve unlinked your social login you should have a password reset email now and you should be able to login afterwards.
Apologies for the system error.


Thank you a lot! :pray:


I’m having this same issue. Try to log-in through social and get the “An unknown error occurred. Please try again.” message. Try to log-in normally and get the “The user is linked with Google. Please use social login.” message. But here’s the real kicker; the email attached to this forum account is not my 000webhost account email because when I tried to make a forum account with that email, it never sent me the activation email. I have asked for the activation email to be resent multiple times over the course of a week now and have never received a single one even though I have received several promotional emails and an email asking me to take a survey. Super great stuff. Decided on whim just now to try creating a forum account through a different email and I got the activation email immediately. Even better stuff.

If there is such a thing as direct messages on these forum accounts, I’d be glad to hand the email to my 000webhost account over through that so that it can be unlinked from the social login. Don’t really wanna post my main email address for everyone to see, though, as I’m sure you can understand.


Profile was successfully unlinked from Social Login. Password reset link was sent to your email ##############@gmail.com*


That fixed it, thank you


can you help me by unlinking this account please


I have just unlinked for you now :slight_smile:


can you help me by unlinking this account please: lidiane.jannke@icloud.com


@Infinity I have the same problem I can’t log in into my account. Please can you unlink it. bleyk98@gmail.com