I can't reach my website paveex (error 403)


Hi !

My website Paveex isn’t available (error 403).


What is happening ?

Is there a problem with your servers ?


Same for me, https://nesaip.000webhostapp.com/.
I just checked my ftp and all my files had been deleted from my server :frowning: .


Unexpected maintenance going on without any estimated time left but it will be fixed very soon :slight_smile:


I think that the server is out of service, same result as pavex, I can not connect to my account so to the cpanel and when I establish a connection with filezilla, all is disappeared including the public folder.htmlI hope the situation will recover soon, courage


Any update ? Are our files lost ?


I have the same issue for my website:

apparently this started already 16h ago. any update on a fix?


071415 Dec, everything is in order now, I definitely hope


indeed all working fine


@paveex @Rg21 I see your websites are working fine now.

If you’ve any other issues, let us know or PM me. :slight_smile: