I can't see my website live


Can someone help me? My page is down and I can’t understand how to make it live.


Hi @jvizcuna!

What is the website in question?


I have a domain with 000webhost.com call jonathanvizcuna.com and the page is down. I need that page live and I need to someone to make that happen.


To me it appears you are still hosted on the old cPanel…

Please follow this tutorial to migrate your website to the new cPanel, and bring it back live :wink:


Thank you but, for some reason, every time I try to log in I only get access to the old site


On what cPanel is your website hosted? Old or new?


Yes!.. Please follow this tutorial to migrate your website from the old cPanel to the new one. :wink:
(It is the only way to go if you want your website to work again)


I don’t think you understand the problem. I can’t access to the new cPanel. And when I try I just get as a result the old one.
Going to the Zyro website doesn’t work either. When they ask for the my email and password to login i jut got this:


Wait… you’re following the tutorial, but you’re keep getting redirected to the old cPanel? :confused:


Yes, that’s exactly the problem !!!


Ok… Have you backed-up all your data from it?


No, Because I can’t download anything from the old Cpanel :frowning:


Please click on my Avatar > Message and send me your 000webhost credentials. Maybe I can migrate the website for you.

@jvizcuna Just to clarify, you first login to https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old, but this link sends you to the old cPanel, because from there starts the migration :wink:

Then, after backing up all your data, you can move your account to the new cPanel (you’ll have special links for that), terminate your old account, and login to the new cPanel.

I said that in case you want to change your mind and start the migration by yourself. It’s a very simple process and all you have to do is follow the steps from tutorial strictly.


That’s the problem, I will need instructions of how to migrate my website from the OLD Cpanel using screenshots maybe. Because I can’t see anything on the OLD Cpanel to migrate to the new one.


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