I cant send tweet from my web site

Hi all, anyone can tell me if a free acoount its able to send tweets using the twitter API, because I cant. The page doesnt show any error but the tweet is not published.


P.D Now in spanish

Hola a todos, alguien podria decirme si es posible usando una cuenta gratis enviar tweets desde una pagina usando el API de Twitter, ya que he intentando y no he podido, la pagina no muestra ningun error pero los tweets no son publigados.


You can use external tools like wirenode and add your twitter account + set your sitemap link. Tweet will be done automatically. Or with wordpress you can use Jetpack plugin.

Any useful logs that you can paste for users to check with?

You can go direct on twitter account and there you can tweet your post.

Try to tweet once again using twitter API because it works for me… If it doesn’t then go to twitter and post there only
Try this

Enable PHP error reporting to see exact problem. Follow this tutorial and let me know exact error message