I can't turn off analytics


I am trying to turn off analytics, but I can’t login on this page: https://members.000webhost.com/analytics.php

I know my login details are correct, but it always gives the error “Account not found for provided domain”. I know the login details are correct. But it won’t work no matter what I try. This isn’t good, because the injected code is interfering with certain features of the website.


What is your 000webhost url?


fsxccvirtual.000webhostapp.com” is what I’m putting into the login.


You are on the new panel you have no tracking code.

You can turn the ad banner off and on though in your general settings on the control panel.


Did you respond to the wrong thread? I don’t really care about the banner. The issue is that I can’t turn off analytics at this link: https://members.000webhost.com/analytics.php

I need to turn off analytics because with it enabled, it injects code into my files that interferes with features of my website.


As far as I was informed the new control panel 000webhostapp links don’t have the analytics code?

Can you post an example of the code injected into your pages? I’ve had a quick look can’t see any, whereas if I visit an old site I’ve got on the old panel its displayed near the footer.

My site:

Your site: