I can't upload my website

Hi ., I am new on this. I just try to use free account. but I can’t upload my files to site. It show in FileZilla : error : 500.
When i try to upload by the use “Build a website” it show “Log in details are not correct.” I don’t know., I put my user name and password. but it not work.
If i have wrong password. I update my new password. but it still not work. … What I show do to get it work on the free website? Need help !!

This is normal when the FTP node you’re allocated to is full.

Just wait it out sadly.

Thank you for your advise. I will just wait. and will try again. hop it will work nexttime.

I have try again. But Still not work at all :frowning:
I don’t know what to do. i have to keep waiting and try again with faith. :wink:

Yeah I’ll try and update when the one node that has been facing issues this week is back online.

You could always try making a new website to see if you are allocated to a new node if you’ve not already tried or uploaded anything already.

I just try again and again. Still not work :frowning:

Sorry about that there has been no resolution yet

I just try again today. Still not work. Plaeas advise what i should do?

I can still see there is one node severely affected and the official advice is just to wait or use alternative hosting

Thank you for your support

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It working !! Thank you for so much for all your help. :slight_smile:

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