I created content before verifying email and now IS IT LOST?


Hello. I created an account and then i went straight to wordpress builder option. I modified several things and created my first post. I spent half of my day doing this. Well, the webpage redirected me to another place when i was trying to use a new plugin and when i wanted to go back it seemed that i had to log in again… and when i did, SURPRISE! apparently i didn’t verify my email during all that time so now the web was asking me to do it. I did it, and i tried to go back to cpanel to keep on my work… well, all of it was missing. The apperance was just like the demo, all my modifications gone, my post gone. it would be very hard for me do all of those changes again, and impossible to write that first post again…Maybe you could think that’s pretty simple but considering I’m a begginer in this kind of things it took me a long time.
The thing is that i tried to find the elements i used in header, post… (images, etc) and they are, in fact, somewhere, i know because i find some of those images in the file manager. But i don’t know how to restore my modifications back to make them visible.

Guys, i hope i explained this properly, i am not a native English speaker, that’s obvious. So please, could u try to help me using simple concepts? Thank you very much, this is important for me.


Is this what it should look like?


No, that is the appearance by default. None of my changes are there :frowning:
But like i told you… i saw some names of the elements i used in my file manager… it’s like its wasn’t lost… or maybe it is… i don’t know, what can i do? to get the changes back.


Hey @Mundoandantes!

Did you make sure to hit the “Publish” button when you were done? There may be a draft in the Posts page, in your WP dashboard. If you lost design changes, did you make sure to hi the “Publish” button first before navigating away from that page? :slight_smile:


If you use the installer for WP you only have to do it once, then you login on your site and not 000webhost.com :frowning:


I think maybe i explained in the wrong way or maybe you didn’t understand me well. There is NOTHING, none of the modications i did. Absolutely nothing. I just could see some files in the archive manager, some of the images i used, so i thought maybe it’s possible to get that back, because it seems the info i used to created the post and stuff i changed is there, hidden somewhere. Can you help me please?


And what if i installed it twice?


If you installed it twice, it overwrites the first time i.e. any files in public_html will continue to exist but they will be overwritten.


So that means that i can’t get them back?


Yes. No way to get them sorry.


Ok… Thanks for the info…