I done with my wordpress site but do not see it on others PC then my own


I configured Wordpress CMS after install (installer included on free hosting), add my files and my site is ready to publishing…
Unfortunately I’m ONLY person who can see it!?
It is shown nice and quick on my PC… no meter via 000webhost link or my own domain.
Any other PC can’t see my www!!
My laptop gives me “connection timeout” or freeze forever on loading, my other PC also…
I visited my parents, they also can’t load my page at all.

There is no 404 or others errors, just loading… and loading… and loading??

Do i need to set something to make my page visable for all users??
How it is posible that 1 pc connect without problem and others (same wi-fi) do not?

on my PC i see:

All others PC do not see my page:


Your 000webhostapp subdomain works well,
However poweritup.pl is not working, did you park/point it correctly?


Yup i park it up, change dns servers and all work grate on my PC

This is what my GF see when try enter page
"Comunicate showed on screen means server take to much time to load pogotowie-komputerowe.000webhostapp"

No meter she use webhost link or my domain, on my pc all 2 metods work fine…
Same is on my secound PC, my parents PC etc. the cant see my webpage…


Now my domain do not work… Domain provaider advice to wait… stuff with DNS changes take some times he said - but just after I park domain and set dns on my domain provider to yours ns01 and ns02 I instantly try to use my new domain.
Right after I type it in browser my hompage show up!
As an proof it was working right look at first screen (adres in browser is main domain name!)
Now after type my domain again i got “not such website error” from 000webhost… I do not change any setings…
Now i can only view my page from 000webhost link :frowning:
Nobody else can open this site proper! It’s just loading and loading…
I was thinking about buy hosting plan from you but its nonsens if my page can’t be viewed on any other PC (check 6 computers and 2 internet connections, my own and my parents)

Checked on Google chrome, IE, firefox… ale got same “loading 4 ever” problem…
There is no a problem with any other site, also yours forum and hosting website work fine for all pc i tested…


Your custom domain is working!

I typed it and this loaded

You just need to tweak your URL to match your .pl domain

Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


I try to access my homepage via own domainbrowser timeout error
I try to access my wordpress control panel via /wp-adminbrowser timeout error
I try to access my 000wbhost panel file upload… browser timeout error

So I try to follow tutorial you gave me:
I edit wp-config.php file like in tutorial and reupload it via ftp client.

Stil can’t open my hompage or dashboard no maters how i try!
No one who i ask can’t open this page…
Sims like it doesn’t work in my country :frowning:???