I get #1044 Access Denied for User on my own database

I created a database, opened myphpadmin, and when I tried import a .sql file, I got denied, so I tried to create a new database inside it, same error. I even deleted the db completely and created a new one, same error. Help me please.

Probably a simple issue hopefully…

When you access phpMyAdmin before importing ensure to select YOUR database on the left hand side…

Tried it, but did not work. I think for some reason I have no access to anything. I can’t even create a new database inside myphpadmin, nor rename an existing one. Does it have anything to do with my database is on localhost? If yes, how can I change it?

I’m not sure what your database is like on localhost?
Open the file.sql in Notepad++ or similar editor, change the database name within the files to reflect your newest 000webhost id12228554_five else on import you’ll likely get xxxx access to xxxx database as you only have access to id12228554_five and nothing else.

You cannot create usernames or databases within our phpMyAdmin, only via 000webhost control panel.

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