I have 2 Questions about my domain


Hi Guys, good morning.
Please I have two questions:

1-I have one domain registred in registro.br
my domain is robertoelizardo.com.br

I setting domain servers to:

But, I can´t Link with my site.
Because I can´t recheck nameservers.

2- I don’t understand tutorial that create forwarding emails (alias).
I setting my domain in webhosting parked domain and now I just want use my gmail to send and receive mails with my alias consultoria@robertoelizardo.com.br

Please help me.


Click recheck nameservers now please?


Will assist with your email.


My problem persists, I can,t recheck nameservers.


It can take up to 48 hours :confused:


I can,t “set reply to address for email forwarder”.
Please, what I have to do?



do you have 2-step verification on google account?


Now working :smiley: