I have 2 webs associated with my mail, but I can not see it in the new panel


Hello again, I have two webs in the old panel … to migrate these are associated with a mail , I do so that the web that is not as a subdomain works … I must create another web in the panel and there to go up The files on the web ??


Please follow this tutorial in order to migrate from the old cPanel to the new one.


The tutorial does not indicate what to do when you have 2 webs in the old panel associated with an email. I must create 2 web in the new panel and associate them to the old panel webs ??


If you have two sites in old panel, backup both sites, open up one control panel and try move account url, head back to account list, open up second control panel, try move account url, head back and delete both sites from account list, delete profile, you’ll be logged out, login again using same details, click + icon, make the first site username/password for FTP and again click + icon and make the second site FTP details.
Now set web address on both sites and reupload the backups to each site, you can switch between the sites using the drop down list at the top of the new panel.


Hello … I learned your tips … creating 2 different webs in the new panel, and associate to each web … different webs of the old panel and everything turned out very well … the 2 webs work excellent. Thank you for your guide.


Happy to help and any other issues get back in touch! :smiley: