I have a problem to publish my site on Facebook


When I want to send the email address of my site in internal message on Facebook or publish it in Facebook, Facebook blocks this possibility by telling me that it seems to be a malicious site. I’ve explained to Facebook that it’s my profesional site but I don’t have any reply…:frowning:


They won’t reply usually, they’ve blocked 000webhostapp.com websites because once upon a time there was a phishing user or such who probably used xyz.000webhostapp.com and Facebook just blocked all 000webhostapp urls unfortunately.

You can park a free or premium domain under set web address to overcome this issue.


How I can park a free domain under set web address? I m afraid to lose all my work because it was laborious for me to build my site…


First, backup your site.
Then register a freenom.com domain (free) or buy your own domain.
Follow instruction to point or park your domain.


Just follow this tutorial


You won’t lose anything don’t worry just follow the tutorial above and park your domain under “set web address” and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


If i follow this tutorial, I must also back up my site or it’s not necessary? How can I back up my site?


No just follow this tutorial and there is no need of backup site and any other stuff.


Ok but I already not have registered at freenom.com; it’s still possible?


You can register for free at Freenom.com yes.