I have changed my cname but it does not redirects me to website


i changed from blublogs.000webhostapp.com to bluffyblogs.tk but the site does not respond.
I have also checked the google name servers checker and it points.


Hi @haseeb961

How did you add CNAME records?


Like @Supun said, check your CNAME records


Thats how i changed


add following too

Name - @
Type - CNAME
Target- yousite.000webhostapp.com


if i do that it gives me error


No i told you to add new record with above details


i did it shows me the same error


in the name option i should add only @ or www@


Leave it white for freenom.


is it good now?


Now go to your cPanel, Set web address, Add domain, Point domain


its good its working :wink: Now can i change my wordpress URL ?


Check out second topic, yeah you can :slight_smile:


Can you give me link?


Can I change the url


Here too?


Yep, you can do it from here too :slight_smile:


i did it last time and it reset my website :smile:


Nope, do it now :slight_smile: