I made new account deleted old but my domain wont park


I was told to be able to use domain parking again i had to move to the new cpanel which is done with a new account. So i deleted my old account, made a new one (i unparked it all first), but, it didnt work?
Im all on free user mode, im just waiting for this domain issue to get fixed so i can try out paid hosting.

the old domain goes to the 000webhost error page.

right now im unparking it everywhere, and on crazydomains, ive removed the 000webhost nameservers too. But if that doesnt work, what do i do? whats going on actually im more interested to know.
I parked another domain, ronox.xyz just fine on the new account.

can anyone help explain or had a similar experience moving to a new account and moving their domain name?


Follow this tutorial and use 000webhost nameservers to point your domain, let me know how it went for you.

Your new control panel when you are on the set web address option and type in yoursite.com what appears?


I know how to point a nameserver. As i said, i have 2 domain names, 1 is oldmanbeefjerky.com, the one which isnt re-parking on my new site, the other is ronox.xyz, which IS parking fine.
both look the same, and say parked, but accessing oldmanbeefjerky doesnt work anymore.


Okay so from whoever you purchased yoursite.com from you need to point the nameservers ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com then once you’ve done that re-check the nameservers within 000webhost under manage domain, link domain etc, sometimes can take 24-48 hours depending on circumstances.

As far as I can see the domain isn’t pointing at 000webhost yet.

Also your error with regards to security/ssl etc will only appear when you use https:// you should not use https://
Free sites cannot use https:// properly

You should configure your installation i.e. wordpress or other scripts to use http://jpr.000webhostapp.com and not https:// nor www.


ive re-pointed it back to the 000webhost nameservers now. so i guess now i just have to wait, since it got unlinked for a moment as you said, it was no longer poiniting at 000webhost.

I have configured though wordpress to work dynamically, so it will work with any domain i park on the site


Super quick here!

I’m using Google DNS if that helps.


Else open cmd.exe / command prompt from the start menu and type

ipconfig /flushdns


oh wow thanks, i guess maybe that was half the problem the whole time, i was stuck on the 404 error page.


every now and then it says the site isnt working, is it because its failing to do the DNS stuff, or is this just an instance of some uncleared cache getting in the way?


Not sure hopefully it fully resolves after 24-48 hours after parking originally, if you continue to have problems double check any records that might still be attached to the domain possibly.