I need help...Localhost? Login Error?


I created a database table for the use of Login info for the android project.
It works for me fine. However, when my partner tries to use it, it doesn’t seem to work. I’m guessing it has to do with the localhost? How can I make it work?
Also, the password I use for the database logging-in gives me error.
Whenever it prompts me to input username and password, I can’t log-in because of the error.
Only way to get into the database is when it auto-log me in without asking for the username/password.
Please help
Thank you


Are you using 000webhost database from an android app?


I’ve made an android app which requires database to save login info.
I’ve created 000webhost database table to save those info.


Sorry but remote SQL is not available on free plans.
To use remote SQL, please upgrade :slight_smile:


I’ve upgraded.
What’s my next step?
It’s asking for to create domain, use existing, or transfer.
Can I just use ‘username.000webhostapp.com’? If so, would that be using existing or transfering?
What else do I have to do?


You are now on hostinger servers!
Please login here