I Need Help Wordpress URL


I Need Help I Changed My Wordpress URL then I got error
this my old url https://box-tube.000webhostapp.com/ and this is the new localhost/wordpress as you can see I was just testing something I found in admin panel and this thing was here

and it’s called Change url and then I just tested by changing my url after that I lost my login to my wordpress admin panel but I still can login to my ftp.


Hi @maheraldoos
So you bring your website from online to offline?
If yes then did you also export your database?


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you

Use the database option


No my website was online but I made it offline by a mistake I just changed the link to my site then I got that error


It’s not help :frowning: but Thank you


Did you use the database option to change your SITE URL back?


Use option 3 in the tutorial above