I need my ip for my hosting


no CNAME a no Nameservers, only A record for IP, i need. to point domain.


@Madirex Sry, As there is no fixed ip, so 000webhost don’t use “A” or “AAA” records.


How do I link my website correctly? Another feature that has recently deactivated, almost fits the old version of 000webhost.


Who is your domain provider??




Have you contacted them about this issue??


Yes, they tell me that I need to create an A record. I’m talking to them by chat


“Tell them that for the input circuitsbm.com it is not allowed to add a cname
It must be a Type A entry pointing to an IP”

That’s what they told me.


I see, I’m sry but 000webhost doesn’t use “A” or “AAA” records anymore.

Have you asked them that they use CNAME or NAMESERVERS or not??


What I want is that circuitsbm.com takes to www.circuitsbm.com and that can not be done with the CNAME


And I do not want to use nameservers, since I have subdomains pointing towards blogger


Use this, because this will allow you to point and keep the subdomains pointed to blogger.


If above is the case, then you can use cloudflare for this.

Else grab a free domain from freenom.com and then park it using name servers, then connect it with cloudflare.
After connecting to cloudflare, you’ll be able add “A” records there(so that your subdomain pointing towards blogger )


If I had wanted another domain I would have already bought it, but I bought this domain for something, I have no choice but to use what they are indicating, I hope I do well, thanks alike.


Well, like I said, you can use Cloudflare, which will allow you to have all sorts of records at the same time. This way you can utilize the domain in both ways, hosting and for blogger, and even allow an email service such as Zoho.