I need your help urgently admins


If there is a file named stylesheet.css or any similar file then open it and you can edit header and footer of your template and can do all changes.
I hope it would help :slight_smile:


I’ll check it out now


@Ayu, there’s style sheet. css but there’s nothing like footer credits in there


anyone to help me please? I’m on my way to school


Can you try this???
Go to your wp-content>>themes>>select your theme>>partials>>footer>>footer.php

and remove the below lines related to footer.


Done!!! I’ve removed it for you :slight_smile:
Now no footer credits. :wink:


wait. I’m to back link it to my fb account!


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Ahhh, ok wait :smile:


There’s an small issue,

The issue is, last time i edited and removed footer related scripts, as i thought you completely don’t need it.

Now i don’t remember those scripts, to add the footer again. :sweat:

If it’s mandatory then,
I’ll fix it, but i need theme download link??


I’m the 4th to be showing off the project :innocent::innocent:


@QuinnRoyalty Glad to hear that :slight_smile:
If you have any problem then feel free to post here :blush:




it’s just 1mb.thanks so much


yeah. I’ll be getting a hostinga account and continue growing my website. honestly I haven’t met anyone as good as you guys. you all, you’re too brilliant


We are glad to help you and all credit goes to our great staff @teodor @akhilkumar332 @Supun @ckhawand :blush:


wow I got a 82% pass mark!! out of a possible 100!!

thanks so much y’all. I really appreciate it. I’ll never forget what you guys did for me today!

@akhilkumar332, I’ll be resubmiting after a week for final score. so I think there’s time for the footer credits issue and ssl certification. if I do those things and add a little more good posts I’ll smash a 100% and that’s going to be a record in the history of my school. the highest was 95% :blush::blush:


Congratulations :wink: