I parked my .ml domain


I parked my .ml domain where I can find access to the FTP file


Go to your cPanel, then hit upload files


No sites in my site, which cPanel?
Video guide?


Have a look


I read, but my site is not created on a 000vebhost, I just parked here my domain, how do I go to the FTP site that is just parked?


You cannot park your domain without hosting at 000webhost, how is that possible?


You’ve not parked your .ml domain - it is not showing against your account.

You have only a 000webhostappURL.



I parked your wormtravel.ml domain with you, but I can not log in to the FTP and throw the files there, I need the address only wormtravel.ml without 000webhost


How do I do url wormtravel.ml and not https://wormtrave.000webhostapp.com/


You just have to go to your cPanel, and hit add domain