I purchased a domain from Hostinger


I just purchased a domain from hostinger: www.longrunthegame.com

When i search the link in browser, it goes directly to my site which is perfect. But the web address of my site goes back to “longrunthegame.000webhostapp.com” from “www.longrunthegame.com

I need help


Hi @mukeshjoe30!

If you are using Wordpress, please go to Wordpress cPanel > Settings > General and change all URLs to http://www.longrunthegame.com


Hi thanks a lot ! That works. Unfortunately, it is showing me that my website is not safe to be accessed and whoever wants to go in my site have to pass through lots of permissions and stuffs before getting into it. I need help in this too. Thanks.


I experience no such issues…

Please clear your browser cache and try again.

If the problem persists, please post here the links with the described problem :slight_smile:


i have tried with multiple number of browsers from 3 different PCs.


Click the link below and check it for me . Thanks !!


But… that is normal to happen, because you have no SSL certificates assigned to your website. You can either access your website over a non-secured line: http://www.longrunthegame.com/, or you can set up your website to use CloudFlare.

Please follow this tutorial to set up CloudFlare for your website


I have done what you said. It ask me to wait. I just changed the nameservers to the one cloudfare recomends. It will take some time it says. I will keep you updated, Thanks