I start editing my site for a hours in wordpress and it suddenly gets down and takes 5-6 hours to come back. why?


Site: http://www.chatrachaya.ml/

and why is it giving me “Deceptive site ahead” warning ?
How can I remove it?


What do you mean it goes down? 5-6 what? Minutes, hours?

Also thats because there is no SSL on your custom domain. Use cloudflare if you want to have SSL.


5-6 hours. Sorry, it goes down for 5-6 hours


Hmm. Have you installed a lot of plugins?


No, just a few might be 2-3 but only one activated.
I have another word press account too, same with it…15-20 minutes of edits and while opening site takes 1 minutes to load …


Hmm. Right now there are no issues that I can see, but you’re not the first to report issues today. I’m waiting on replies from an admin.


Is the website running while you are trying?


Yeah the website loads fine for me.


Oh. Thanks. This problem is just irritating me…Do you think using VPN might work?


Can’t guarantee that would make a difference, but you’re welcome to try.


and do I need .com or .net or any high level domain for check in cloudflare? Its giving me error while entering .tk or other low level domains…


No .tk should work fine. Screenshot the error?


Sorry to bother…but what to do now?


Just follow the tutorial, it shows you all you need to do.


okay…thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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