I want to add google map feature


i want to add google map feature to my site so that my client choose thier location without filling form they have only to search thier location if have no gps so any one help me to add this feature to my site


@chughtai Simplest method for doing this is: follow the below steps…
Go to “https://www.google.com/maps” and point out your location, then go to “share” and select “embed map”.
Now copy that code and paste it in your webpage.
*Adjust height and width as per your needs.

is this what are you looking for?
If not let me know.


through this method customer can choose their location and how i will receive their location automatically and save to my data


I see, then you can basically create a form and connect it with your database.

Now when then user enters his location in the provided form, then user’s location will be saved to your database, which later you can see.


can i paste google map copied data to my filling form


sorry i didn’t get you, can you be more specific?


Don’t know, but hope you can build an API yourself here

Or check this one


in pay pal payment method pakistan is not availible in countries list but my bussiness is pakistan base help me that how to add pakistan to it


Just pay with your Visa/Master card then :slight_smile:


@chughtai If paypal doesn’t provide services in your country then sorry we can’t help.
Plz check for other alternative payment gateway supported in your country.


i have purchased my domain @ simple site .com tell me that how i can add this domain to ooowebhost.com


help me that i am using easy builder and i wan to add a slide show but unable to do this tell me the method


To add your domain, do that