If you have migrated to new panel and still you're redirected to migration page,when trying to load your website using custom domain name! Then check this thread!


Its DNS Propagation issue.

Follow the below steps to solve:-
1)Use google dns for faster DNS resolution.

2)Clear your browser cache and data and then close the browser and open again, then try again.
3)Don’t forgot to check using other browsers. If you’re using chrome then also try out incognito tab.
4)If still your issue is not solved then…possibly restarting your PC will help you out.



hi i were asked to migrated to the new 000webhost but unfortunately it says the my domain fortis.ph is blacklisted. please help.


Please wait for a while, we’re working on solving this problem


Whitelisted: fortis.ph domain. You can finish migration to new panel and use your domain.


i manage to migrate the website from old to new panel, but i have an issue. If I access my website www.skyfi.info it will work, but if i access my website at skyfi.info on google chrome it keeps redirecting to the migration website. The same thing will happend if i access skyfi.info from incognite google chrome. I was able to load the website skyfi.info from mozilla firefox with no problem, but i allways use google chrome.

Can you guys please check it out!

Thanks in advance!


Both work fine, clear your browser and or DNS cache or use alternative DNS like Google DNS see tutorials section for faster DNS resolution.


Thanks mate!, you fix the issue!



Hey mate, thanks again!, I truly appreciate your feedback, I was able to remove the banner, which did not look so good on the website.

Thanks again for your support!


I have done all the steps but my site still has the redirect page. Not sure where to go from here.
Thanks in advanced.


Can you delete any DNS records at your registrar.

Delete ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com and then re-add them again.


I have done that but still get the migration page. not sure what to do.


@DravinClaw PM me your account login details. Let me try it from my side.


I know your a mod but that is not going to happen plus shouldn’t you be able to do that without me giving you my info?



We are Mods(users like you to help as much as possible.) not Admins.

About your issue:-
Have you successfully migrated to the new panel?


yeah back when I first got an email about it. Not sure why I keep getting a redirect page.


@DravinClaw Have you parked your domain using nameservers?
Post screenshot of “Set Web Address” Area.


No I use Godaddy for my domain and have the nameservers pointed to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com


ok i understand you’ve updated 000webhost name servers on you domain dns.
I’m asking have you parked your domain in your account.

if not follow the below method to park:-
“Set Web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Park Domain”