Image not showing on index page simple website


Hi all, I’m having trouble getting my image to show on index page. I’ve got super simple page which I am using to redirect customers and I just need little help please to get it working! My domain is image shows fine when I open index page from my file manager on laptop but not on one I’ve uploaded to 000Webhost. I’ve loaded index file and images etc into public_html folder. Thanks in advance for any much needed help!


Hi @buttonbubs
I think the image you have uploaded is not successfully uploaded it is corrupted. Delete that image and re-upload it and check your image directory path again :wink:
I hope it would work :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help. I have tried reloading the files and have also tried using jpeg rather than png files. Still no luck :frowning_face:


Your index.htm seems to be empty, where is your code?


Think I’ve got it sorted now thanks! I used a different program to make the page again - images still weren’t showing but when I looked into the code the path it was using wasn’t quite correct. So fingers crossed all is good now!! Now just to figure out how to make it look better on phone screen!