Images disappearing [solved]


Hi I am continually having pictures deleted off of my page: Why do you keep doing this for the past year and can you please stop?? I am getting very frustrated with having to go through and re upload all these pictures. THANKS


Sry, But 000webhost don’t delete any pictures.

Make sure you’ve given the correct path or uploaded the files correctly.
Also make sure FTP and account login credentials are safe with you.


my pictures are deleted. if your not doing it then why do they keep getting deleted? I have been having to re upload since i started using 000webhost


come on guys Can someone figure this out?


can you tell me on which panel you’re on?


the old panel. The pictures are stored in my public folder


Can you provide a screenshot of your file manager with the files shown?


yes but the files that are deleted are not in there…


So can you re-upload them once more and post the names of the files here or take a screenshot please?


Bad practice to use www. in your links and or coding also.

If I had a website and uploaded images I’d keep them in a folder called images

Then any coding on my site would


the pictures uploaded feb 24th are the 8 i had to re upload


I could only assume if they are being deleted then they’ll be deleted because of the file names containing prohibited characters.

Try not to use any spaces in your files names as this results the browser rendering it as For example

Change them to theritzflyer_20june.jpg or ritzflyer20june.jpg etc having spaces or capitals isn’t advised.


Is there any other reason, the other files dont get messed with and they have spaces and caps too?


If the server is automatically deleting them for that reason I am only guessing; if it isn’t the reason then nothing else answers for it because no one will randomly delete images from accounts :confused: Unless they weren’t uploaded in the first place… but if they were then I can only guess that the spaces/characters is the reason :frowning:


is there anyone else you can direct me to about this in regards to other reasons this is happening? Thank you for your assistance.


Yeah an administrator/staff member will chime in here


any news? i really dont want to re upload my files over and over and over


I know we all like to have a resolution and a proper answer to all issues but I can’t be sure why this would happen.

I’d recommend uploading the images in an order like

Subfolder called images or imgs etc

And then short/sweet or detailed files names involving lowercase or numbers only.

Once complete take a backup of your website - 10 seconds and then in the future if this has happened again please contact us.

Since you are on the old panel it may be of use to visit, create a new account with new email so you can re-upload the backup you’ve taken onto the new platform and hopefully it will be resolved finally.


Hello, I am still having trouble with pictures disappearing off my site but I was wondering if you could instruct me how to switch to the new panel?


@jasonreamsma Check this tutorial to migrate to new panel.(If you’ve issues while migrating reply back or PM me.)