Images do not show up


Hello. I uploaded my project and non of the images do show. I uploaded through filezila and all images are uploaded and can be seen as files bu when the code is executed I get an error 404. Maybe I have a mistake in the image path but I can not find it. Can anyone help me.


Edit: forgot to mention that I tried local hosting the project first through xamp and everything worked.


Hi @djavolak!

Please recheck your path, filenames + their extension.

000webhost hosts your website on UNIX system, therefore filenames are case sensitive. pateh/image1.png is not the same with Path/image1.PNg


Thaks for the quick reply. It was actulaly the problem in file path as some folder names did start with capital letter.
Now I have another question. My jquery code is not working. I uploaded the librery with my project. is that the problem?


Please make sure jquery is linked correctly… Use a CDN if necessary: