Images don't show up on website


My images don’t show up on my website. All I have is a blank page with my text. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve uploaded all my images. What am I missing?
The site is:


Seems your images are missing or links are incorrect. Please check that the name of the image is in correct case (In Linux systems which we have at 000webhost, image.jpg and Image.jpg are two files)


The image names are correct. I assume the links are correct (I’m not experienced so I cannot say for sure, but they appear correct to me), and they are pointing to the correct location.


What is your 000webhostapp link?




Can you check now?

  • Some Images may not load due to undergoing 502 errors.
  • You can’t go backwards from public_html folder. (public_html/…/… won’t work as it is your document root)
  • I renamed your Images folder to images too :wink:

If you have any other question feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Ah! So the other images will come through when the 502 Gateway Error is fixed?


If you have a debbuger in your browser you can see the Images are not loaded because of 502 error, which means a server gateway error.

If you get 404 error it means links are incorrect or images are missing :wink:


Sometimes it loads fully, sometimes it loads partially, and sometimes it says “502 Gateway Error.”


Yes, 000webhost having some troubles and throwing 502 error.


@Supun The Image issue has returned. Nothing is showing up on the website. What magic did you conduct previously?


@rtmclendon Fixed :slight_smile: Plz check your website now.
Reply in your other thread.