Impossible to install add-on civiCRM


Hi everybody

When i load the file .zip, the answer is Request Entity Too Large.
The archive is 31 Mb.

What happens ?
I have the free version, is it that ?

Thank you for help.



Use filezilla to upload your files.


Thank you , in what directory must i place the add-on ?


Can you post screenshot of the error??


Here it is


@marc.barbier66 I think that’s too large to upload through the WordPress dashboard. Try to upload using the File Manager. You should be able to upload it in /wp-content/themes/ and upload the zip, then right click and hit extract. It should then be available in the dashboard.


Ok thank you very much Akhilkumar, i try and i tell you



Hello akhilkumar

I tried this but i have an error when extracting zip



@marc.barbier66 Try this to unzip your files, mean while make sure that you have enough space.