Impossible to unzip my files


I tried migrating my site to the new Cpanel, but got stuck on actually uploading all my files to the new server. When trying to extract the archive I get a message “Status: Error: Cannot read .zip archive”.
Apparently the archive is corrupted and cannot be unzipped (it also doesn’t open correctly on my PC).
I used the method from Migration tutorial

Thanks to this brilliant idea that we have to delete our old account firstly to migrate the site I don’t have access anymore to all my page’s files.
Are the files still somewhere or did I just lose my whole page?


Can you provide a link to your .zip file?

It is possible that while UPLOADING to your new hosting it missed little tiny bits, try uploading the .zip file again and open it on your computer to make sure it is alright :slight_smile:


Umm…he just said that it does not open on his computer


Umm… alright so what do you suggest?



So I repaired the .zip file using one of the tools from the link and it opens now on my computer but it’s just a part of what I had uploaded on ftp… So I guess it wasn’t zipped or downloaded correctly. I actually created a few of these files before I realised that they are not downloading instantly but getting created on ftp and I downloaded all of them to have a backup plan (heh) but they all have the same problem (and the same size which made me believe it’s ok)

Do you confirm then that after deleting the old account all the files were deleted permanently?

I guess I’m having a really bad day because I don’t have any source code backuped locally since it’s not really that important site and I made it some time ago, but it was nice to have it around.


If you delete an account it just deletes instantly there are no backup servers for free users.

What was your site address?


It was


Check this tutorial to zip all your files.

You can use this to unzip all your files.