Inactive user deletion mr.smiff

Hello everyone,

I already sent you some emails regarding an issue with the site.
The site has been inactive last 2 weeks, and there was also an error with the username/password.

We restored the account, but the old content is gone, and there is an error mislaid-error.

Thank you in advance for your clarifications and help.
Best, Anna

Hi there I have checked that URL and I can see that the website and the owning account was deleted for reason:

Inactive Learner Policy

Learners must login once per month to avoid being deleted for inactivity, in this circumstance you have failed to login to 000webhost panel once per month or much longer and have been deleted due to this.

I can see you’ve already made a new account under the same email address and you’ve created a new free 000webhostapp URL -

Feel free to continue on the learning platform and ensure to login once per month to avoid future inactive learner deletions.