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My web site - - seems to have been archived and I cannot access the site. Also, my email address is no longer receiving emails, but I can send emails. Any hwlp would be appreciated. Thanks. doesn’t appear to be hosted here via our system checks.

It doesn’t appear to be hosted anywhere.

Some further checks appear the WHOIS is somewhat correct but the domain isn’t active on our servers.

If you provide the 000WEBHOSTAPP.COM URL > I can confirm if it has been deleted for inactivity.

An easier way would be making a new account / website with us - then trying to park your custom domain to the plan for free - if it says “already in use” I can make further checks - if it lets you add it then that means your previous account was removed for inactivity.

I’ve been with 000webhost for several years without issues and with using gmail for my email address ( and it stopped working 5 days ago

I can’t find any information on deleted emails or custom domains, I can only check deletions for 000webhostapp URL like

Have you logged into our panel in the last three months?

no, I have been inactive which is why it was probably archived.

Yes inactive users have their accounts deleted.
Apologies, feel free to signup and make a new site and park your custom domain for free.

Please also note that the 2 Nameservers are pointing to

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Does that mean that I will need to upload my web pages via FTP? Also, how do I reestablish use of my email address via Gmail?

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So, I created a new account using my Google email address but when I now log in, I cannot locate where I can register my URL and establish a cPanel. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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So if you are using GMail for your domain you need to login to our panel, hit on Parked Domains or Set Web Address on the left, ensure you’ve added your domain here then hit Manage on your domain and SET MX Record, then set the MX record to Google :slight_smile:

I cannot seem to have access to cpanel when I log in to the mail site: It is only asking me to create a new web page. Is there a different URL that I should be using to be able to park my existing domain? Your help is appreciated.

So login to our panel, create a new website/ free subdomain.
Then you get access to the panel to add your custom domain to manage your email on.

I figured it all out and my domain URL is parked and email reactivated. Now I just need to figure out how to upload my web pages via FTP!

Thanks for your help!

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