Index.php" or "index.html missing after migration


HI, I backed up my web page using filezilla twice and i confirmed all files were backed up.I uploaded files to the public_html folder.When i try to access my webpage, i receive the message index.php" or "index.html missing.The index.html is present in my public_html folder.I have a message to Create index file, but all get is a window to create a new website.I would be grateful for any assistance in this matter.
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• Your content must be located in /public_html.

/public_html is your website’s root.

• You should move all content from /public_html/public_html/public_html into /public_html

I suggest you to use a FTP client, such as FileZilla to accomplish this :wink:


@geoffreyclarke1 Is your issue solved?
What is your domain name??


thanks for your reply.I tried again but no joy.My website is will be grateful for any suggestions.
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Move the files in public_html/public_html to public_html

And change your PHP version to 5.2 via GENERAL SETTINGS ON 000WEBHOST.COM


Thank you for your reply.Done what you kindly suggested. i moved all files into the single public_html file.When i try to access my web page nothing appears.My web page is tell me what am i doing wrong.
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Your PHP scripts appear to be corrupted :confused:

Do you still have a backup of them?


Hi, thanks for your help.Here is a jpeg of file filezilla.Please confirm the structure is correct.I used my second backup.
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The structure is ok.

But your PHP script appear to be corrupted, I don’t know why. :confused:


Your files are corrupted.

Upload your files again in a compressed .zip file and extract them using unzipper.php from Tutorials on 000webhost.