Indexhibit http error 500

Hi, sorry to bother, Im not a software guy, I just made a personal web for my art projects. I uploaded a new image and sudenly I got this error.

I replaced de htaccess, also modified the name of the “plugin” folder to “plugins-temp” but nothing. The problem is still there. Anyone knows what may be causing this error?


Following this tutorial

I’ve enabled PHP Debugging on your website…
Now 500 shows the actual error information.

Something is not quite right with your code else there are files missing, check your code, else contact your script developer if you did not code it.

Thanks… Its just me and indexhibit, it was quite easy, no script developer.

I just copy-paste a backup files I had. Now the problem changed to "database is not installed!. Could I ask the server/host to undo the changes and get yesterdays back up?

We don’t have that functionality.
Infact we don’t take any backups at all of the free systems.

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