Infinite refresh loop on admin panel


Since some time I have an issue with auto-refreshing on my site when I am logged in into my admin panel. Because of it, I get the Install WP message which I know is related to exceeding the rate limit. The limit itself is not an issue, I accept that free hosting has it. But I don’t know what is causing the refresh loop. I disabled the custom themes and plugins one-by-one but the panel still kept refreshing. I have reactivated the plugins and changed the theme. I have also installed the Heartbeat Control plugin and disabled the options inside. Nothing helps.

I can manually stop the refreshing but whenever I need to do something on my panel, the refresh loop is back. If I look at my site not logged into my admin panel, all is working as intended.

EDIT: Not sure if you need my site address. If that’s the case, then it is:

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Is there anything weird looking in your .htaccess file?

How can I access it? Sorry, I know very little about coding and I am using Wordpress to help me with website design.

What is your 000webhostapp URL and I can check?

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Thank you for the topic. I will look into it. My 000webhost link is:

EDIT: I cannot really post a screenshot as the infinite refresh loop is not something you can show with a static picture :wink:

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I’m not sure why you are having this issue.
I’ve observed for a few minutes now and I’ve not been refreshed.

Try another browser? Make sure you have no plugins/extensions on the browser causing the refresh?

Hmm… Now something strange happened. I understand that I was logged off when you were checking my website, but my browser forgot the password as well. Of course, I have it so I could log back into my website, just curious, why my browser forgot it.

And now, newly logged, all works as it should. I don’t know what exactly happened. I have a saying - when a qualified person looks into your issue, it disappears before they can see it :wink: And it looks like exactly this happened.

Thank you very much for your help. Maybe there was something that got deleted the moment you logged into my panel to look it up and now it works like a charm!

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That is the norm! :smiley:
Happy site building

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