Information from the database is not displayed

Transferred the WordPress site to your hosting, imported my database, fixed wp_config.php. The site does not display pages, posts and all the information that I entered through the admin panel.
Although everything is displayed in the database.

So, can you tell me something about my problem

The database you’ve created/imported only has this content.

then why i see

Odd, can confirm which URL that is?

you meen ?

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So that link you’ve provided has phpMyAdmin database name of id10768878_rest

While your screenshot belongs to another account…

Sorry, I took a screenshot of the wrong database:grimacing:.
But this does not change the case, because the correct database is also full

I see this too

Seems to reflect what is on the website?

because I just tried to import the wordpress content through the settings in the admin panel and the posts were displayed, but so far without pictures, but now I’ll figure out what’s wrong.
In any case, thanks for the help and the time spent on me)))

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