Insecure content not displaying re googleapis fonts ref and vimeo content


AM getting these queries:

[Warning] [blocked] The page at was not allowed to run insecure content from,400,700. (index.html, line 1)

The page at about:blank was not allowed to display insecure content from player vimeo .com / video/

Have just loaded my content over to 000webhost to test and see if I can swap hosting to them before renewing my old expensive host and all going smoothly bar fonts and vimeo video content. Any suggestion to unblock this?
Many thanks,


Screenshots, please?
So we can understand better :wink:


HI Ckhawand,
Thanks for your help. Not easy posting screenshots as size is limited so using links instead.And I can only include one link in the post as am new to the site!?

Please compare where current site is posted with one on 000webhost at

Masonry style posts not displaying correct font - using some substitute ? Due to content being blocked from the fonts.googleapis/css? Nor inner page fonts which are wrong too?

Also see innerpage existing with Vimeo video on Land Rover post and the one on 000webhost where video from Vimeo is not being displayed correctly? innerpage/jlr.html


Once, I had the same problem! Guess what? I made a css file, copied the contents of fonts.googleapis/css and linked the html files to the stylesheets.
Hope it works for you :wink:


Cheers - will try.
Think its because this site needs refs to https and my original css etc just had http links to the fonts, google and vimeo - am changing things and seems to be working.



Please do post back if it solves your issue :sweat_smile:


Year sorted. Changed all code to include https throughout.


Has your issue been solved?


Yes this one sorted.