Installation failed: Could not create directory


This is an error that i am currently facing and i have no idea how to fix it. Iv tried several times but i cant fix it. Can anyone please guide me on how to fix this problem ?? btw its when i install a plugin it shows this installation failed report . Guys i really need to get rid of these errors so please help me somehow


How much is your disk space usage?


Hi @Sam93!

  1. What is the web application (Wordpress, MyBB, etc)

  2. What is the plugin in question?

  3. Please go to 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General > Fix files permissions


What is the name of your plugins folder currently?


yesterday i went to my plugin folder and the name was plugins2… It creeped me out as the number 2 seemed something abnormal. i removed the number 2 and i loaded my website again and then everything with the plugins got fixed. surely there is so much case sensitivity in that…


thankyou all of you guys for being there with me when i needed you…


its my wordpress site :slight_smile:


my disk is not even 50% consumed :slight_smile:


We’re glad the problem has been fixed! :blush: