Installed a plug-in and my site went down, and unable to access the Dashboard to remove plugin


Hi there,… i recently created a website and hosted here, developed in wordpress . but now the site is down. showing 500 http error.

The website is not loaded at alll. ! site address is:



Hi @SamOTPL!

What plug-in have you installed?



Application Error 500
visit /wp-content/plugins and delete the one completely that you installed to cause the error; also within public_html delete the .htaccess file via file manager/FTP also.

See, if this helps you.


As a precaution measure, do not delete .htaccess. Rather rename it as htaccess.txt.


Hi there @samotpl

When I loaded your site it said there was an error with a template file so I uploaded the file that was having issues template-tags.php under Hestia and it seems to have solved the problem.