Installing a really simple analytics script called Ticksel!


Instaling Ticksel Analytics for free on :slight_smile:

The free plan limits are above ^

You’ll need to head to Ticksel to signup and register for your easy to use tracking code.

As it says embed the code into each page you want to track, I’ve just put it inside my index.html file.

Copy and paste this tracking code snippet to each web page you want to track. Add the tracking code snippet right before the closing tag on each page. To verify that the tracking code is working, visit your website and check to see that your visit is being registered in the real-time reports. If you can’t see your visit, please check your browser’s console for javascript errors.

Secondly head over to and sign up or login to your existing account!

Now create a new site or manage an existing one…

Head onto File Manager or use FileZilla or an alternative FTP client to upload your code snippet.

Upload your new index.html file with the new snippet embedded into it.

Else edit the file you want to place the snippet in via the File Manager.

Now the script is live on your site, you can instantly start tracking visitors!

Head back over to Ticksel and login :slight_smile:

You’ll notice now since I’ve viewing my site it has marked a visitor as being active.

View your latest visitors

If you embed the code on all of your pages you can track what page gets the most views and this will help you make more content that your visitors will be sure to love?

If you own a domain like and host a,, you could if implemented correctly view which domain is getting the most traffic :slight_smile:

Sources page will reveal to your where your visitors are coming from, direct is just a user entering your site via typing the URL in the browser, while if they came from Google or another site you’ll soon see where from :slight_smile:

The more visitors you get the better your map will look :smiley:

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I only have an index.php to put it in, will that work as well?


Yes, it will :smile:


I’ve gone and added it to my index.php, but the site isn’t tracking anything yet. Is there anywhere else I should put it?


Is it a written code or Zyro/WordPress?


What file did you add it into out of interest? :slight_smile:

If you are using the site builder navigate to Zyro folder then add it into 1.php which is the first page Zyro shows your visitors.


Zyro, I gave up written code a while back haha


Awesome, I’ll see if I can get it working.


It appears to be working, I’m seeing visits from several different places. Thanks so much for this tutorial, Google Analytics seemed too complex and unnecessary.