Installing BBPress on 000webhost


Hello! Today we will be installing BBPress from the creators of WordPress on the 000webhost FREE hosting platform!


The process will take around 5-10 minutes

You can try installing/activating BBPress simply from wp-admin and then trying it that way; if you face timeouts/etc you can do it this way:

Firstly we’ll need to download the script

Head over and click the green button to start the download of the latest version!

Now once downloaded head over to 000webhost and login to your control panel or you can use FileZilla or another suitable FTP client.

Upload the content into wp-content/plugins and extract!

You can extract using the File Manager or using another script called unzipper.php

Once unzipped that is all you’ll need to do from the FTP/File Manager side of things

Head to wp-admin then plugins and you’ll see it listed, hit activate!

It will now show you all the forum settings to change to your liking

Using the Forums panel you can make all the sub forums that will allow your users to make posts and threads.

There are tons of ways to customize bbPress through the standard themes of WordPress this can be achieved too!