Installing BoldGrid with WordPress


BoldGrid for Designers and Do-It-Yourself Webmasters
BoldGrid’s simple, intuitive drag and drop interface and seamless integration with the WordPress customizer allows designers to engage their creative instincts without having to worry about the tedious nuances of WordPress.

It’s an automated combination of themes, plugins, widgets, pages, page layouts, menus, photos, icons and written content that seamlessly extends the functionality and workflow of WordPress from CMS to website builder without sacrificing usability or simplicity.

BoldGrid’s design workflow is comprised of two major stages: The Inspiration Phase and the Customization Phase. The Inspiration Phase allows you to explore different website designs, pages you may want in your site, content that is specific to your industry, and functionality you may need. The Inspiration Phase is designed to give you a complete site, content and all. Then, you’ll enter the Customization Phase, where you’ll edit these elements to tailor the site to your specific needs.

BoldGrid comes equipped with all the plugins you need to build secure and powerful WordPress websites. Never worry about digging through the massive WordPress repository to build a patchwork of questionable plugins that may not be compatible with each other.

More information:

Head over to BoldGrid to get it today!

Select the second option displayed

Download the file onto your computer

You can install WordPress automatically or manually, here I will select automatic installation

Enter a username you’ll remember and a secure password.

It can take 30-60 seconds to install sometimes…

Ta-da! WordPress is now ready for BoldGrid

Head to Plugins then “Add New”

Click Upload Plugin

It will give you the option to upload the BoldGrid download from earlier

Select BoldGrid and "Install Now"

Now activate the plugin!

Hit this button here!

Now enter your personal information to get BoldGrid for free!

You’ll get an email with your Connect Key

Use this key back on WordPress Activation page

Once connected click "Install"

Now it will install the editor

I recommend you watch this video if you’ve not used BoldGrid before
After watching hit learn more to see even more information else “Get Started” to continue

Now select a theme

Enter information related to your website

It will place this content onto your website

After installing the content you can easily drag and drop design quickly and easily.

Personalise your site the way you want it!

Always remember to save and publish changes for them to take effect on your website.