Installing CodoForum on 000webhost


Installing CodoForum on the 000webhost FREE hosting platform!

Head over to to download V.4.4.1 or the latest version at the time of viewing!

Select the free version and hit DOWNLOAD FREE!

Upload and extract the the .zip file to your public_html folder or within a folder you wish for it to be installed from i.e. /forums or /community

You can extract using File Manager or unzipper.php

Once extracted visit the browser installer

As it asks for database information you can make a new one over at > Manage Database

Wait until the database has created before filling in the wizard and moving on!

Right! We are done almost!

Time to login into the backend!

Set your global settings as these will be shown to new visitors!

Create new, change or remove existing categories to your liking

There are plugins available for Codo!