Installing IPB, Won't install though


When files are uploaded via filezilla and is ready to be set up and installed (already pre-set an mysql table database up);

These are the requiements:

System Requirements
PHP: v5.2.1 or better
SQL: MySQL v4.1.0 (5.0.0 or better preferred)

Memory Limit: 128M or better recommended
Your memory limit: 128M

Pre-Install Check: Files
Required Files: Passed

Pre-Install Check: PHP Extensions
PHP Extensions Overview: Passed
DOM XML Handling (libxml2): Passed
GD Library (gd): Passed
Reflection Class (Reflection): Passed
SPL (SPL): Passed
OpenSSL (openssl): Passed
JSON (json): Passed
Ctype (ctype): Passed

When i install it at the end of the IPB set up, it gets to installing languages = do, then cuts off and gives an white webpage, then won’t install, is there anything i can do?
I’m using 3.4


Download latest version from your members area and try installing that?