Installing Matomo Analytics on 000webhost


Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is a simple analytics software which you can install on your 000webhost free hosting account to monitor visitors on your website :slight_smile:

Head over to download their script

Now create a new website or manage your existing site :slight_smile:

Head to File Manager to upload the analytics script

Once uploaded extract it

Once extracted launch your installation in the browser and follow the easy steps

It will ask for some database information which you can give it via the Manage Database section of 000webhost

Create a database and remember the username, database and password

Input the newly created database details into the installer

Choose a username and password to access the administrator panel with

Set the options for your site

Now it will provide you the snippet to add into any pages you want to track!

Insert the snippet before the end of the

Choose the options you want, please read these carefully.

Now your analytics data will show up!

You can make changes to the back-end to make it more like the rest of your site if you like…

Remember to add the snippets to each page you want to record data for.

For each visitor it builds a profile and remembers them so when they come back over time you can see what pages they visit most, to build better content to suit your visitors.

You can view the location/ IP address and other helpful information to build a good targeted audience.