Installing Open Web Analytics on 000webhost

Before we start:
So 000webhost has free hosting limitations on daily visits, requests and other things all viewable via the correct thread I won’t link them all just see here.
Sadly this means database is limited on the amount of access it can get hourly depending on your usage.
One thing I have noticed is that forums, content management systems, WordPress for example and analytical scripts like the one we will install are quite heavy on database and may void your hourly limit causing the database to be frozen again see the link above to the information section.

Another thing we should also be clear about is the script we are installing is only accurate on the pages you install the script on.
000webhost backend measures visitors on all access attempts to your free application meaning that when a visitor downloads an image for example, so every single file on your website is monitored and counts towards your daily unique visitor limit where as this script again only measures visitors landing on the pages you insert that tracking code on.
This can cause a discrepancy between what we record and what you record - this is as good as the stats you’ll be able to collect yourself, we still may record more as we get them at server level when they are directly hitting your 000webhostapp URL.

Installing OpenWeb Analytics on 000webhost free hosting platform.

Step 1 grab the download via their GitHub

Step 2 open your file manager and upload the ZIP file

Step 3 ensure to extract the files into a suitable folder

Step 4 run the installation

Enter the database information that you will create from [000webhost control panel.]

(How to create a MySQL database on 000webhost)

Insert the domain your visitors will use most out of your custom or 000webhostapp
You may have to setup two scripts, it depends on if this script will collect regardless of the domain visiting from (from checking it appears to) other scripts will require additional configuration later or simply don’t do it.

Step 5 install the tracking code on EVERY SINGLE PAGE

HTML / PHP codes provided by the script

So we can collect basic visitor data on people landing on the pages you’ve inserted the code on.

This script will not collect

  • data on pages you’ve not inserted the code on
  • pages you’ve incorrectly added the code on
  • image files or other media types that have been loaded by a user on alternative pages
  • files of any kind that are hotlinked from your website by visitors

Again this means there will be a slight difference in the stats we see at server level and those logged by any visitor script :frowning:

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