Invalid SSL certificate


So I made a website using wordpress and bought a custom domain on Godaddy. When I did, the SSL certificate 000webhost gave me became invalid (because I changed the domain). If I upgrade my plan, would I be able to validate that certificate, or would I have to buy a certificate as well as upgrade my plan?

Unfortunately wordpress forces HTTPS for some reason, not sure if there’d be a way to disable that on there in the first place so I wouldn’t have to spend money.


Well, if you did upgrade, the business plan comes with free SSL for as long as you keep the hosting plan. And they will migrate your site for no charge, which will help to solve your issue.

If you don’t want to do that, you can fix the redirect be logging into your Wordpress database (via PhpMyAdmin) from your members area (under databases).

Simply open that up, login, and navigate to the database labeled wp_randomcharacters or something like that, then find wp-options and change the first two URLs to HTTP:// (Sorry I can’t provide more detailed instructions, I’m on mobile.)