IonCube Loader issue



I don’t know how to install ioncube loader on my website.
I am running windows x64 bits. Can someone teach me please how to do it? Should I select ‘‘Shared VPS’’ or Dedicated firstly?

Can somebody please explain step by step how to install the IonCube Loader on my 7.1 php website?



Hi @ahmedjohn!

We only offer free web hosting. To install IonCube Loader you need to buy a VPS:



So without a VPS I cannot run the IonCube Loader? How can I bind/match the vps to my 000webhost website?Should it be linux or windows VPS?
Can you please tell me step by step the procedure to install IonCube Loader?

Is there any possibility to install it on my free 000webhost website?


Hey yes the 000webhost doesn’t support ion cube loader 7.1 so you can change your website php version to 5.5 and then it will obviously work


Hi thanks for the reply.

What should I download from here?


Also, please can someone tell me what to input here?


Base directory: /public_html/


Thank you sir, and what about base url? ?is that correct?

And in the setup wizard what should I select? Shared server? I don’t have VPS

Can someone please tell me the steps I need to follow?



I think base url is what you said.
And use shared option.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

Could you please tell me what I need to fill in the textbox? Please see below




Thank you, is it true that on 000webhost works just with 5.6 version of the php ?

I followed what you said and worked , thanks again. However when I replace the file trying to update the ioncube loader this message still appears, even if I replace:


It can work with newer versions if ioncube supports them :wink: